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Thursday, August 18th: Advisory Activities/Schedule Rotation Practice

Friday. August 19th:  Classroom Rules and Procedures


Monday, August 22nd: 6th Grade Pretest

Tuesday, August 23rd: 6th Grade Pretest and Student Interest Inventory

Wednesday, August 24th:  Decorate front page of Comp book

(Math About Me...) and start setting up Interactive Notebook

Thursday, August 25: Set up Interactive Notebook

Friday, August 26th: Set up Interactive Notebook

Monday, August 29th: Divisibility Rules-Classroom Practice

Tuesday, August 30th:  Sieve of Erathosthenes

Prime/Composite Numbers 

Wednesday, August 31st: Prime Time Search

Thursday, September 1st: Factor Pairs Practice

Friday, September 2nd: No School

Monday, September 5th: Labor Day-No School

Tuesday, September 6th: No School

Wednesday, September 7th: Prime/Composite Numbers & Prime Factorization

Page 30-31 (#10-33)

Thursday, September 8th: GCF VersaTiles practice

Friday, September 9th: LCM VersaTiles practice

Monday, September 12th: Finish VersaTiles from last week

GCF/LCM Foldable

Tuesday, September 13th: Unit 1 Study Guide

Wednesday, September 14th: Unit 1 Quiz

**All late work from Unit 1 is due this day!

Thursday, September 15th: Powers & Exponents

Guided Notes & page 34-35(#1-25)

Friday, September 16th: Order of Operations Foldable

& Classroom Practice

Monday, September 19th: Order of Operations VersaTiles

Tuesday, September 20th: Order of Operations

& Exponents Worksheet 

Wednesday, September 21st: Order of Operations


Thursday, September 22nd: Integers and Absolute Value Foldable

Friday, September 23rd: Integers Worksheet (Bank Robber)

Monday, September 26th: Integers Review worksheet (14, 3)

Tuesday, September 27th: Comparing and Ordering Integers worksheet E-56

Wednesday, September 28th: Adding Integers Foldable/Classroom Practice

Thursday, September 29th: Adding Integers with VersaTiles

Friday, September 30th: Subtracting Integers Foldable/Practice

Monday, October 3rd: Subtracting Integers VersaTiles

Tuesday, October 4th: Integers Review

Wednesday, October 5th: Integers Quiz

Thursday, October 6th: FALL BREAK

Friday, October 7th: FALL BREAK

Monday, October 10th: Translating Algebraic Expressions Foldable/Practice

Tuesday, October 11th: Translating Algebraic Expressions Worksheet A/B

Wednesday, October 12th: Translating & Writing Algebraic Expressions Worksheet 6-4

Thursday, October 13th: Evaluating Expressions Foldable/Practice

Friday, October 14th: Evaluating Expressions

Page 44(#1-36)

Monday, October 17th: Evaluating Expressions

VersaTiles “V is for Variable” and “Take it Away”

Tuesday, October 18th: Unit 4 Quiz over

Translating and Evaluating Expressions

Wednesday, October 19th: Equations Foldable/Practice

Thursday, October 20th: Equations worksheet 1-8

Friday, October 21st: Solving Equations using Inverse Operations Worksheet

Monday, October 24th: Inequalities Worksheet

Tuesday, October 25th: Equations & Inequalities Practice Worksheet

Wednesday, October 26th: Equations & Inequalites Quiz

Thursday, October 27th: Coordinate Graphing Foldable/Practice

Friday, October 28th: Graphing Art (Bowzer)

Monday, October 31st: Halloween Problem Solving

Tuesday, November 1st: Place Value/Representing Decimals Foldable and Workbook 3-1

Wednesday, November 2nd: Comparing/Ordering Decimals Foldable and Workbook 3-2

Thursday, November 3rd: Rounding Decimals Foldable and Workbook 3-3

Friday, November 4th: NO school-Conferences

Monday, November 7th: Multiplying/Estimating Decimals Foldable and Worksheet D22/D30

Tuesday, November 8th: QUIZ over Representing Decimals, Comparing Decimals,

Ordering Decimals, and Rounding Decimals 

Wednesday, November 9th: Multiplying/Estimating Decimals Worksheet E44

Thursday, November 10th: Dividing Decimals Foldable and Worksheet 1-12

Friday, November 11th: Dividing Decimals Worksheet 1-10

Monday, November 14th: Decimals Study Guide

Tuesday, November 15th: Decimals Test

Wednesday, November 16th: Foldable over Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions,

Simplifying Fractions and Equivalent Fractions

Thursday, November 17th: Mixed and Improper Fractions worksheet

and Equivalent Fractions Versatiles activity

Friday, November 18th: Simplifying Fractions Worksheet

Monday, November 21st: Turkey Relay Race

Tuesday, November 22nd: Thanksgiving Problem Solving


Monday, November 28th: QUIZ over Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions, 
Equivalent Fractions, Simplifying Fractions

Tuesday, November 29th: Multiplying Fractions Foldable and Worksheet (superstar)

Wednesday, November 30th: Multiplying Mixed Numbers Worksheet (horoscope)

Thursday, December 1st: Dividing Fractions Foldable and Worksheet (parrot)

Friday, December 2nd: Dividing Mixed Numbes Worksheet (bingo)

Monday, December 5th: Multiplying/Dividing Mixed Numbers-FACEing Math

Tuesday, December 6th: QUIZ over Multiplying/Dividing Fractions & Mixed Numbers

Wednesday, December 7th: Writing Fractions as Decimals Foldable and 

Worksheet (tenths/hundredths)

Thursday, December 8th: Writing Fractions as Decimals Worksheet #1

Friday, Decmember 9th: Writing Fractions as Decimals QUIZ

Monday, December 12th: Comparing/Ordering Fractions Foldable and Worksheet

Tuesday, December 13th: Decimals and Percents Foldable & FACEing Math

Wednesday, December 14th: QUIZ over Fractions to decimals,

Percents to decimals, Decimals to percents, Comparing fractions, Ordering fractions

Thursday, December 15th: Frosty Relay 

Friday, December 16th: HOG Assembly and Social Studies Movies

Tuesday, January 3rd: Writing Decimals as Percents Foldable/Worksheet

Wednesday, January 4th: Writing Decimals as Fractions

Thursday, January 5th: Writing Percents as Fractions

Friday, January 6th: Snow day

Monday, January 9th: Decimals, Percents, and Fractions Study Guide

Tuesday, January 10th: Decimals, Percents, and Fractions Test

Wednesday, January 11th: Ratios Foldable and Worksheet (Bizarre)

Thursday, January 12th: Unit Rates Foldable and Worksheet (Basement)

Friday, January 13th: Snow Day

Tuesday, January 17th: Solving Proportions Foldable and Worksheet (Cryptic Quiz)

Wednesday, January 18th: Problem Solving with Proportions (Snidely)

Thursday, January 19th: Review over Ratios, Proportions, and Unit Rates

Friday, January 20th: QUIZ over Ratios, Proportions, and Unit Rates

Monday, January 23rd: Distance between 2 Vertical and Horizonal Points class activity

Foldable over Reflections, Rotations, and Translations

Tuesday, January 24th: Finish Foldable

Wednesday, January 25th: Cogat Testing

Thursday, January 26th: Reflections across x-axis and y-axis worksheets

Friday, January 27th: Translations worksheet 1-6

Monday, January 30th: Reflections and Rotations Worksheet (composer)

Tuesday, January 31st: Translations and Reflections worksheet

Wednesday, February 1st: Reflection Symmetry Worksheet 81/82

Thursday, February 2nd: Reflections Symmetry Worksheet (boyfriend and Symmetry I)

Friday, February 3rd: QUIZ over Reflections, Rotations, and Translations

Monday, February 6th: Area of Rectangles Foldable/Worksheet (tuba)

Tuesday, February 7th: Area of Triangles Foldable/Worksheet (Mr. Snowman)

Wednesday, February 8th: Area of Rectangles/Triangles Worksheet (Igor)

Thursday, February 9th: Decomposing Triangles and Rectangles to Find the Area

Worksheet (Elephants)

Friday, February 10th: Complementary/Supplementary Angles

Foldable/Worksheet (Oil in a Car)

Monday, February 13th: Finding the Third Angle of Triangles Notes/

Tuesday, February 14th: Vertical Angles

Wednesday, February 15th: Vertical, Complementary,and Supplementary Angles

Thursday, February 16th: Area/Geometry Review

Friday, February 17th: Area/Geometry Test

Tuesday, February 21st: Mean, Median, Mode, and Range WS (soccer)

Wednesday, February 22nd: Certain, Likely, Impossible worksheet and 

Combinations worksheet (shorts/shirts)

Thursday, February 23rd: Sample Spaces worksheet #2

Friday, February 24th: Probability worksheet (lesson 1 and 7)

Monday, February 27th: Probability Worksheet (King's bday)

Tuesday, February 28th: Mean, Median, Mode, and Range worksheet (108)

Wednesday, March 1st: Mean, Medain, Mode, and Range worksheet (Cat)

Thursday, March 2nd: Central Tendency and Probability Review

Friday, March 3rd: Central Tendency and Probability Test

Monday, March 6th: Graphing Art-Luck of the Irish

Tuesday, March 7th: Distributive Property worksheet D3

Wednesday, March 8th: Blue Game Field Trip

Thursday, March 9th: Box and Whisker Plot 8.9 (Physics Teacher)

Friday, March 10th: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, March 20th: Test Prep

Tuesday, March 21st: Test Prep

Wednesday, March 22nd: Test Prep

Thursday, March 23rd: Test Prep

Friday, March 24th: Test Prep

Monday, March 27th: Test Prep

Tuesday, March 28th: Test Prep

Wednesday, March 29th: Test Prep

Thursday, March 30th: Test Prep

Friday, March 31st: Test Prep

Monday, April 3rd: Test Prep

Tuesday, April 4th: English State Test at 8:40am

Wednesday, April 5th: Test Prep (State Test at 1pm)

Thursday, April 6th: State Test Celebration 

Friday, April 7th: Spring Holiday Graphing Art

Monday, April 10th: Finish Graphing Art from Friday

Tuesday, April 11th: FACEing Math-Lesson 10

Wednesday, April 12th: Finish FACEing Math

Thursday, April 13th: Metrics- Metric Mania

Friday, April 14th: Metric worksheet (hen)

Monday, April 17th: Capacity worksheet (actress)

Tuesday, April 18th: Length practice worksheet #1

Wednesday, April 19th: Length practice worksheet (title)

Thursday, April 20th: Weight Measurements worksheet (103)

Friday, April 21st: Time worksheet (cowboy)

Monday, April 24th: Tessellation project    

Tuesday, April 25th: Tessellation project

Wednesday, April 26th: Tessellation project

*Thursday, April 27th: FACEing Math-Mixed Skills

*Friday, April 28th: Finish FACEing Math & Probability Lesson 1

*Monday, May 1st: Mean, Median, Mode worksheet (108)

*Tuesday, May 2nd: Probability worksheet (king)

Wednesday, May 3rd: Design an Apartment Project over area

Thursday, May 4th: Design an Apartment Project over area

Friday, May 5th: Design an Apartment Project over area


Monday, May 8th: Finish Apartment Project

Tuesday, May 9th: Lucky Charms Graphing Project

Wednesday, May 10th: Lucky Charms Graphing Project

Thursday, May 11th: Lucky Charms Graphing Project

Friday, May 12th: Lucky Charms Graphing Project

Monday, May 15th: Graphing Art (Yay!)

Tuesday, May 16th: Graphing Art (Yay!)

Wednesday, May 17th: Dot to Dot Project

Thursday, May 18th: Dot to Dot Project

Friday, May 19th: Dot to Dot Project

Monday, May 22nd: Dot to Dot Project

Tuesday, May 23rd: End of the Year Celebration

Wednesday, May 24th: Dot to Dot Partner Exchange-Day 1

Thursday, May 25th: Dot to Dot Project Partner Exchange-Day 2 & Evaluation

Friday, May 26th: NO SCHOOL

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