Whittier Middle School/6th Grade Math

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures

General Rules:

  1. Respect the teacher, other students, and school property.
  2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. Come Prepared! Bring paper, notebook, pencil, and a grading pen to class everyday.  Seventh grade extension students need to bring their textbook to class each day.
  4. Follow the directions the first time they are given.

Assignment Procedures

  1. All math papers must be done in pencil.
  2. All math papers must show work unless you are told to write answers only.
  3. All math papers are due the next day at the beginning of the hour.
  4. If you are absent from school, you will be given twice the number of days absent to turn the work in for full credit
  5. Assignments may be corrected.  The final grade will be the higher of the two grades.
  6. Tests may be redone.  Arrangements need to made with the teacher to retake the test during lunch.  A study session is recommended with the teacher before retaking the test.  The higher grade will be recorded.

6th Grade Math/6th Grade Math Extensions Grading Procedure

    Homework/Daily work----------------40% of final grade

    Assessments-----------------------------60% of final grade

7th Grade Math Extensions Grading Procedure

     Homework/Daily work----------------30% of final grade

    Assessments-----------------------------70% of final grade

Middle School Grading Scale

    90%-100% A

    80%-89% B

    70%-79% C

    60%-69% D

    59%-0% F





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