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Parent Portal

08/15/2017 08:36
Please sign up for Parent Portal!  Go by the office to get your access code and sign up online.  You can view your child's grades in every class by clicking on your child's schedule and then on each individual class. Absences and tardies are also noted.  There is...

Classroom Needs

08/04/2017 15:16
Colored Copy Paper & Dry Erase Markers THANK YOU!   

Teachers on Core 6-1

08/04/2017 09:04
Core 6-1 ROCKS! Theresa Beller, Social Studies Jay Coleman, Science Melanie Vincent, English Dondi Thompson, Math

Teachers on Core 6-3

06/14/2010 18:48
Billie Carlsen, English; Cynthia Charboneau, Science; Jan Filbeck, Social Studies;  Dondi Thompson, Math  

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